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HL Company Passed the HLPS Lean Management 1.0 Audit

  Since February 2021, HL company has officially started the lean management project, introduced lean concepts throughout the company, guided employees to change their concepts, and realized lean production. The HLPS lean management project has set up 22 modules to fully promote the operation. Through expert training, outsourced learning, pilot promotion, regular summaries, assessment and incentives and many other measures, HL’s lean management project has gradually achieved phased goals and tasks, and in June 2022, HL ushered in the lean management 1.0 audit.
  On June 28, HL invited Shandong Lingong expert team to our company carrying out HLPS lean management 1.0 audit. The audit experts closely followed the key elements of each module of LPS, and assessed and scored each module of HLPS by listening to reports, on-site inspections, on-site inquiries, and comprehensive evaluation.
  After two days of comprehensive evaluation, on June 29th, HL organized the final meeting of the HLPS audit. At the meeting, the Lingong expert group announced the audit results according to the scores of the major modules, and explained the highlights and improvement points of the company's promotion. Finally, it was announced that HL's lean 

  The chief lean expert shared the experience of insisting on promoting lean management in the later stage, and put forward specific requirements for HL to realize the level 2.0 of lean management as soon as possible in the next step.

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