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Zhang Keqin, Deputy Secretary-General of CADZ Visited Tianshui Economic Development Zone
source:Tianshui Economic Development Zone

  On December 10, Zhang Keqin, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Development Zones(CADZ), and his entourage visited the Tianshui Economic Development Zone(TEDZ). Shi Maoyuan, deputy director of the TEDZ management committee, Yu Aiping, Li Jinshou, Li Jianlin, Zhou Beichen and the heads of related departments accompanied the inspection.  

  At the symposium, Shi Maoyuan, on behalf of the management committee, warmly welcomed  Zhang Keqin and his entourage, and introduced the zone planning, development history, economic indicators, management system, project construction, investment promotion, and "14th five-year "development goals. Zhang Keqin stated that the main purpose of the inspection was to do practical work for the grassroots in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of party history education, and to use the website and official account of the CADZ providing the personalized service to TEDZ in the assessment of the Ministry of Commerce, investment promotion, and project construction. 

  Zhang Keqin and his entourage also visited Hailin and other enterprises in the Economic Development Zone, listened to the specific construction situation, and learned about the production and operation, technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection of the enterprise. Zhang Keqin fully affirmed the current construction of TEDZ and the outstanding achievements of each enterprise in their respective fields, and expressed full expectations and hopes for the high-quality development of TEDZ.

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