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Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science & Technology Co., Ltd: Leading the high-quality development of enterprises with technological innovation
source:Tianshui Daily

  On November 23rd, when walked into the plant 3 of Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science & Technology Co., Ltd, the reporter saw a six-axis robot is working on the bearing unit turning processing line. This line is composed of a six-axis robot and two CNC lathes. It was jointly developed by Hailin and equipment manufacturers. Since it was put into operation, the production efficiency has improved significantly.

  "The automation realized a change from the original 3 people operating 6 machine tools into two people. The robots operate and process the machine and workers regularly inspect here. Material transportation is realized by automatic material transportation through AGV trolleys." Zhang Wenquan, assistant to the general manager, introduced to reporters.

  During the interview, the reporter learned that automation of turning processing is part of Hailin's promotion of technological innovation and intelligent development.
  "Technology innovation is the first source of power leading the high-quality development of enterprises." Zhang Wenquan told reporters, "The session again emphasized technology self-reliance, as a large-scaled backbone enterprise in China's bearing industry, Hailin deeply feels the coexistence of great responsibilities and challenges. "Hailin will further optimize the product structure, develop from the current single-chain to multi-chain and diversified aspects, adjust the product layout, and strive to make the company's products more competitive in the market." 

  As a large-scaled backbone enterprise in China's bearing industry, Hailin is an enterprise specializing in the production of tapered roller bearings, and bearings for new energy vehicles and precision machine tools. It is the largest supplier of tapered roller bearings in domestic and also manufacturer with the most varieties and complete series of inch tapered roller bearings. The output of leading product tapered roller bearing ranks first in the industry, and the export volume has remained the industry's first for 10 years.

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