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Work Together and Mutual help to Drive Out the Epidemic
source:Tianshui Economic Development Zone

  Like the China ancient poem goes: An inch of loyal heart and tender regards are all for love; Fear not the want of armor, for mine is also yours to wear. Since the outbreak of this round of the epidemic, a large number of party members and cadres in the economic development zone have charged forward and fought bravely, medical staff retrograde marched, volunteers were not afraid of wind and rain, stayed on the front line, most of enterprises actively donated money and materials to provide necessities to other counties and towns, showing shocking mobility and spiritual strength, and the family-country feeling of "difficulties on one side and support from all sides" shined everywhere.


  Hailin and Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. each donated medical protective clothing, medical masks, isolation shoe covers, N95 masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials worth 50,000 yuan.
  There are always some extraordinary events that mark the memory of a country and the spirit of a nation. The current sudden epidemic has allowed people to keep distance in space, but let us stay closer in heart. We have witnessed the responsibility, the mission, and the Chinese people's family and country feelings of "working together and helping each other." We firmly believe that with the concerted efforts of comrades from all fronts, the joint participation and strong support of all sectors of society, we will surely win the final victory in this epidemic prevention and control battle!

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